Kitchen Hack 3D print

What fascinates us most about  3D printing is the fact that you can manufacture customizable products in lower quantities, the costs are lower and it’s faster compared to traditional manufacturing technologies.This makes it more accessible for consumers to design their own product.We like the idea of hacking existing products, because we always find things or parts we can improve and 3D printing gives us a chance to do so. The design of our Kitchen Hack adapters originates from a long-term frustration.We often work in the kitchen and make extensive use of our Kitchenaid mixer, it is an expensive device with lots of power, it is always on the counter but most of the time it just stands there and if we use it as a mixer, the drive shaft on the front is always turning, so this is wasted energy. We started thinking on how we could make this mixer more useful. We searched our house for anything that needed power in one way or anotherand as it turned out, we had many hand powered devices that could use an upgrade and would be much more fun when used on the mixer. So with that as a starting point, we went to work and we’ve designed different adapters for a small knitting machine, an apple peeler and a  paper shredder.So now we can knit while mixing a dough, how efficient is that?! It would be great if other designers get inspired by our products and start designing their own Kitchenaid hacks, so we can build a real Kitchen Hack community. We’re looking forward to that!   
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