Trend visuals
To illustrate trends, I use two types of collages: Mood- and trend boards.

Mood Boards
Mood boards serve as a visual tool to inform others quickly of the overall 'feel' (or 'flow') that a designer is trying to achieve. There are used for inspiration prior to designing interiors or as a guide when designing a product or collection. By means of a mood board, I compose a style, a trend, an ambiance or colour palette, which has to be met by the final design.

Trend Boards
When creating trend boards I'm actually looking for trends. By means of a trend board I show customers new expressions of people, products and media. When bringing these rather incoherent observations together, an inspiring context will come alive. A trend board summarizes different insights and give a first understanding how future aesthetics, needs, aspirations and preferences might evolve into. In other words, I visualize what's happening in the world around us by means of clear and inspiring collages.