De Lage Landen Archive

The corridor, 40 year Lage Landen jubilee exhibition
Location: The Lage Landen head office, Eindhoven

I was asked to set up an exhibition at the headoffice in Eindhoven to commemorate their 40th anniversary. Because my first ideas were met with such great enthusiasm, I got all the freedom needed to execute them. At four carefully selected locations their size, business, members are exhibited in an unexpected and interactive way. 

Whenever I thought of De Lage Landen I tended to form a mental picture of filing cabinets. I used it by designing a long row of cupboards covered by photos of such cabinets. Some parts are open for drawers and showcases. Each cabinet has a specific theme, such as office equipment, data storage, sponsoring, marketing and sports. I’ve tried to visualize the company as time went by. In the real archives I found many interesting objects, some of which you already think they belong to the stone ages, but they are not really that old, like the first mobile phone and the enormous first generation floppy disks.
The entire cabinet invites visitors to interact. By opening drawers, looking through a hole of a file cover viewing old slides, or by leaving through pages of old company magazines. 

De Lage Landen