De Lage Landen Atrium

Staircase, 40 year Lage Landen jubilee exhibition
Location: The Lage Landen head office, Eindhoven

I was asked to set up an exhibition at the headoffice in Eindhoven to commemorate their 40th anniversary. Because my first ideas were met with such great enthusiasm, I got all the freedom needed to execute them. At four carefully selected locations their size, business, members are exhibited in an unexpected and interactive way. 

An imposing staircase graces the atrium and what better symbol of growth than a staircase. That’s why I used the glass panels as a background illustrating graphically their development since 1969.
The graphs represent the increase by number of members, business units and countries with corresponding dates. To liven this up for the visitor I have linked these developments to important news items. The history is animated as it were, by important news events such as the introduction of the euro or the first landing on the moon. 

De Lage Landen