Made in Brainport Istanbul

Made in Brainport, Six Degrees of Smart Society.
Location: Istanbul Design Week, Istanbul.

This exhibition is based on six themes that connect the main sectors in Brainport: Craft, Technology, Local, Wellbeing, Environment, Food & Farming. These six areas are divided into rational and emotional zones. 
At this expo, innovative products, samples, movies and interactive technology are shown from design companies, manufacturers, suppliers, technology centres and education in Brainport.

Lily'66 was responsible for:
• Project management
• Exhibition- and furniture design
• Production management
• Graphic design
• Transport and logistics
• International customs clearance
• Exhibition building
Capital-D, Design cooperation Brainport

Zuzanna Skalska

Logo design:

In collaboration with:
Paul van Kempen, Liduine van Baars