Cure & Care Taiwan

Cure & Care
Quality of life

Cure & Care shows how trends and innovative designs, concepts, products and services contribute to the solution of the social challenges both the Netherlands and Taiwan are facing. The exhibition gives insight into the important contributions made by design, applied games, apps 3D prints and robots, to solve current questions. The exhibition is a good reflection of the products being developed in the Netherlands to lengthen life and improve its quality. Cure & Care is not only based on technological solutions, but also emphatically looks at welfare and innovative care.

The exhibition is built around the following themes: Mother and Child, Healthy Apps, The Sensing Self, Supportive Tools, Food for Health, Ambient Assisted Living for the Elderly, Ageing with Self-esteem, Serious Gaming and Exercise, The Inner Body and Smart Diagnosis Awareness.
Brainport Development

Lilian van Steklenburg, Lily66
Simone de Waart, Material sense
Peter Portheine, Slimmer Leven 2020

In collaboration with:
Irene Oostdam