Since there are many ways to design and organize an exhibition, I approach each assignment in a way that applies to specific needs, i.e. concept, design, production, transport, logistics and everything else that comes with it. I can handle local exhibitions, as well as complete intercontinental turnkey projects.

For example, you want to tell a story about your business, product or collection, but you haven't got a concrete idea or image in mind yet. By means of a couple of interviews together with some brainstorming, I collect everything needed to define a story that fits you. In this case, I am a curator, a designer and a contractor in one. Besides this, I facilitate. If you already have a product, theme or subject, I design an exhibition around it and arrange everything that comes with it. i.e. from design and operations to the bureaucratic hassle at customs, logistics and transport. Surrounded by an excellent team of freelancers I manage any project from start to finish.